Sunday, March 2, 2008

Provided I Haven't Completely Lost Yet.....

So things are beginning to look up. Both of my jobs are giving me somewhat desirable amounts of hours, however working double shifts equaling out to thirteen hour days or more is starting to wear me thin. It's all good though, because a new job prospect has come up and it looks somewhat promising.

I had to recently bite the credit card bullet, however this entails some good things as well. I will be able to get my car fixed and working to its full potential without completely breaking my bank, I will be able to build some credit so getting student loans will be easier in the long run, and it will give me a lesson or two in managing money. It's a promising little endeavor. I'm smart enough with my finances that I don't foresee any problematic issues coming to a head.

With spring nearing other exciting developments are approaching as well. Spring break will be a much needed breather, St. Patrick's day is always fun, Josh's birthday, Chris's birthday, Aaron's birthday, End of spring semester, beginning of summer session 1, Tom Petty on 4th of july weekend, LOLLAPALOOZA!!!!! (which I'm pretty sure we're going to being that it doesn't interfere with Radiohead), and just summer in general.

Surely with the developments as of late I will soon be out of the stoop that I'm in now.

Life is good. For now.


keighdee said...

you just made me very hopeful. thank you. by the way, this is keighdee, because it might be on eric's account.

keighdee said...

nevermind, guess not.