Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Voice of Ms. Yourgrave

It's been a while since I've been able to write in this thing here, so I will share with you some quick updates.

The regular school year is over, a relief indubitably. Although I am still enrolled in one summer course (The Social History of Rock and Roll) the load has definitely been lessened.

I've had a few family traumas in the past couple of weeks, but things are calming down and for the most part all is well. School is going well, family life is going well, as are things with the social life. When it rains it pours as the cliche goes, but shortly after the storm is over a resting layer of calm sets in and everything is okay until the next storm rolls in.

As life goes.

Reconciliation, love, and afflictions are the themes as of late.

Reunited with a friend fallen on bad terms.

Spending time with my boyfriend and my younger siblings has filled me with more love than I've felt in what feels like a year.

I've also been putting some serious thought into what college I want to go to after my time's up at IPFW. I have a few months yet to decide, but the decision making process is more daunting than college itself.

Anyhow, things are alright.

As they are things, however, and 'things have a tendency to change' as the kids say, we'll see if the alright things move to spectacular.