Saturday, April 12, 2008

She's Got So Far To Go

She's getting ready for work now. Five more days until her vacation. She needs it.

I watched her at work on Tuesday and wow... let me tell you. Her co-workers are FUCKED UP!

This large, bald whiny gentleman was working with her on Tuesday. He has a very generic name, what was it... Tom? Bob? John? Eh, not that it matters anyway.

So this ratty looking gentleman walks in, and from what I hear he looks similar to a homeless guy who comes in always harassing the customers for change and to use their cell phones. Her store manager had made orders that this man was not allowed in the store and the other managers were instructed to ask him to leave upon his arrival.

Fair enough.

He came up to the counter, asked her manager to change out a dollar, and he instructed the vagrant to leave.

This was not the same vagrant.

Tom...Bob... John...whatever... apologized to the gentleman and proceeded to change out the dollar. For the rest of the night, however, she suffered with his misunderstanding and pondered for the rest of the night about "oh no, what if they think I'm a racist."

I know she did not have the scrote to say something about this but I understand why. Her working situation is already awkward enough. Let alone feeding the fire of an insecure 34 year old man who, instead of facing his problems, would rather stand behind the counter, crying, in fear of being considered a racist.

An exchange of comments flowed between she and Tom... Bob... John... whatever, leading to him claiming that "she doesn't know guilt" (where she replied quite hastily and without consideration [not that she feels bad about it]) and he also started giving her grief about her depression issues and such... I could tell that she was hurt.

I can tell that the girl needs out of that place.

Eh... It makes for interesting stories on my part, I guess.


Have a good day.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

She's Unavailable

She's drinking.  Again.

This time, however, she's socialized and accompanied.

Thank god.

Anyway, quick post here.

I just needed to let everyone know what she's up to.

I don't think she knows which way is up.


Such a brilliant mind, I think she's wasting it.




She's got hell to pay.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

She's Lost It All

So she was pulled over Saturday night. She was afraid this would happen.

She let her plates expire, despite warnings from her mother, father, and friends. She knew, fully, what would happen.

The officer took her license, registration, and proof of insurance, standard procedure. She and her love proceeded to wait in the decepticar for thirty minutes, at least, only to hear the officer announce that the two of them had to collect their important belongings from the vehicle and exit the car, preparation for towing the vehicle to an impounding facility.

She was shocked, frightened, unknowing, especially when the officer told her that her license has been suspended since early September.



Why in the hell?

Her insurance agent did not do his job, he led her on telling her that everything was going to be fine, that he'd take care of everything.

He didn't.

So here she sits, two tickets summing up her pay for the week, car in impound, and a father that won't help her in the least.

She's leaving soon, I think her dad knows that. I don't know her father all that well but I'm assuming he has no clue about what goes on in her daughter's head. She's in pain, sir, and you're not helping.

Her mother and grandmother have been very supportive though, and for that I know she is grateful.

She'll have more to say about the situation soon, but for now she's gathering up her thoughts.

More soon, she promises.