Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Facelift Via Alcohol

So she hit a rought spot a bit ago, she also apologizes for the lack of writing in the blog space or otherwise. She meant to write you, she really did.

She's working things out in her head right now. Stability is re-entering her life. She hit the brakes on things flourishing in reverse.

She drank last Thursday, and she hates to say this but it made many of the aspects of her life better. She is more relaxed, more self aware, more confident, and most importantly more secure. Her and her man have an understanding now. They're working things out, and that's okay.

She's also doing well in school, work, and all of the other aspects of her life. She's just ready to call it quits with retail. Unlike her love life, she and retail are just about splitsville. At least she wants to be. But they've been together such a long time, it would be hard. No. That's a lie. Think of a husband beating the shit out of you for years on end then you finally have the balls to stand up to him. That's how her and retail will end. A bright flash of sarcastic brilliance and an epic exit that all will remember.

She will burst through those doors, two week notice in hand, hand it off and be elated for the fact that she knows there will only be two more weeks left of this hell, this nightmare, this cash droor, and register.

So this is the part where she wanted me to say goodnight and good luck, but I'll leave that to Ed Murrow.

Let me re-word this for her:

Peace. Sleep well. Dream about your loved ones. And enjoy your cereal in the morning.

Over and out.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Provided I Haven't Completely Lost Yet.....

So things are beginning to look up. Both of my jobs are giving me somewhat desirable amounts of hours, however working double shifts equaling out to thirteen hour days or more is starting to wear me thin. It's all good though, because a new job prospect has come up and it looks somewhat promising.

I had to recently bite the credit card bullet, however this entails some good things as well. I will be able to get my car fixed and working to its full potential without completely breaking my bank, I will be able to build some credit so getting student loans will be easier in the long run, and it will give me a lesson or two in managing money. It's a promising little endeavor. I'm smart enough with my finances that I don't foresee any problematic issues coming to a head.

With spring nearing other exciting developments are approaching as well. Spring break will be a much needed breather, St. Patrick's day is always fun, Josh's birthday, Chris's birthday, Aaron's birthday, End of spring semester, beginning of summer session 1, Tom Petty on 4th of july weekend, LOLLAPALOOZA!!!!! (which I'm pretty sure we're going to being that it doesn't interfere with Radiohead), and just summer in general.

Surely with the developments as of late I will soon be out of the stoop that I'm in now.

Life is good. For now.