Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's Got A Dying Urge To Feel The Way You Do

So she's had a rough week. I've seen it, she's strong. Getting stronger by the minute.

The weaknesses she does have, however, could possibly be the death of her.

She's been drinking. Not viciously, not terribly much, but it is habit forming.

Her grandmother had heart surgery earlier this week. She said that she sounded fine, but with these things you can never be too sure.

Her step brother was found dead in a park.

She's shocked, appalled, lost.

I know they were not terribly close, but still. When he was around... they were family. And I think that's what she needs right now.

You know... it's been a boring mess watching her before this. She was lolling about, doing her routines.

This though... it's interesting. I almost take pleasure in her pain. Is that wrong? Am I sick?

I don't know. The culmination of all of these events in such a short time gets me rolling. I want more. I want real life tragedy laced with racing nonsense emotions.

It gets me high.

Anyway... enough of my dwelling on her pain.

More next time.